Complete Crumb Edition, Volume 12


The latest disc in Bridge’s ongoing Crumb series is in many ways one of the most impressive to date. The young American ensemble ?ICE? worked with the composer on the interpretations of these pieces over a number of years, then recorded the performances under the composer’s supervision. ICE’s recordings present a level of virtuosity and faithfulness to Crumb’s scores that reflect the experience of a generation of performers that has grown up playing this music. Some of Crumb’s most popular work is included on this disc (Vox Balaenae) as are some of his most infrequently played scores (Dream Sequence and Five Pieces). With this disc Bridge draws near the completion of Crumb’s ‘back-catalog’ and plans to release the remaining works before the composer’s 80th birthday in 2009. George Crumb is still actively creating new works, and two of these will soon be issued as Vol. 13- a two disc set. See more details of Bridge’s Grammy-winning Complete Crumb Edition at


Eleven Echoes of Autumn, 1965

The Sleeper

Vox Balaenae (Voice of the Whale)

Five Pieces for Piano

Dream Sequence

The International Contemporary Ensemble (ICE)

featuring Jamie Van Eyck, mezzo soprano (The Sleeper) and Jacob Greenberg, piano