Great Performances from the Library of Congress, Volume 24


This release of this newly re-mastered 1940 recital by the great Dorothy Maynor is cause for celebration. Historian Rosalyn M. Story writes, “In the history of American singers, Dorothy Maynor stands out as an artist endowed with the power to exalt, to transport the hearer above the realm of the ordinary and beyond the limits of normal expectation.” A discovery of Serge Koussevitzky, who called her, “a musical revelation,” Maynor quickly established herself as one of the great talents of the era. This recital program contains riveting interpretations of songs and arias from the German and French and American repertoire. Maynor’s last group, and her encores focus on Negro spirituals. Writing in the Washington Post, Paul Hume called Maynor’s voice, “a star-spangled glory; its effortless beauty haunted audiences that came to love the singer as much as the song.” It was that kind of communication that endeared Maynor to audiences, and made her one of her country’s greatest singers.


Handel: Oh Sleep, Why Dost Thou Leave Me?

Beethoven: Der Kusse, Op. 128; Adelaide, Op. 46

Schumann: Du bist wie eine Blume, Op. 25, No. 24

Brahms: Meine Liebe ist grün

R. Strauss: Wiegenlied, Op. 41, No. 1; Wie sollten wir geheim sie halten, Op. 19, No. 4

Schubert: Ave Maria

Debussy: Beau Soir

Bizet: Adieux de l'hôtesse arabe

Charpentier: Depuis le jour

Gabriel Grovlez: Guitares et mandolines

R. Nathaniel Dett: My Day

S. Coleridge-Taylor: She Rested By the Broken Brook; Thou Art Risen, My Belovéd

Cecil Cohen: Epitaph for a Poet

Spirituals: Lead Me To the Water; I'm Seekin' For a City; I'm Goin' to tell God All My Troubles; Ride On, Jesus, Ev'ry Time I Feel the Spirit; Were You There

Dorothy Maynor, soprano

Arpad Sandor, piano