Jorge Liderman


The pieces on this recording came about because of the close relationship between the Argentinian-American composer Jorge Liderman and the American guitarist David Tanenbaum. “Waking Dances”, the first piece Liderman wrote for guitar, shows the influences of both flamenco and Argentine dance music, and is performed brilliantly by Tanenbaum. “Swirling Streams”, the most recent composition on this CD, is a mini-chamber concerto for bass-clarinet, guitar and an ensemble consisting of violin, viola and cello. “Open Strings” is performed by an excellent young German guitar orchestra (twenty-three players along with an electric bass!). Both here, and in the other compositions on this disc, Liderman’s idiomatic guitar writing and highly charged rhythmic language make for exciting listening.


Waking Dances

David Tanenbaum, guitar

Swirling Streams

David Tanenbaum, guitar


Peter Josheff, bass clarinet

Terrie Baune, violin

Ellen Ruth Rose, viola

Thalia Moore, cello

Mary Chun, conductor

Open Strings

Jugend Gitarrenorchester, Baden-Wurttemburg

Helmut Osterreich, conductor