Justin Dello Joio


Premiered last year (2007) in Norway, American composer Justin Dello Joio’s one act opera, Blue Mountain, was written to commemorate the 100th year of Norwegian composer Edvard Grieg’s death. The opera is based on descriptions of Grieg’s final days (September 1907), and includes the roles of Grieg, his wife Nina, his physician, and his friend and champion, Percy Grainger. Dello Joio’s colorful score weaves in references to a number of Grieg’s works, including his Violin Sonata in C minor, one of his Lyric Pieces for Piano, (Evening in the Mountains) a brief snatch of Peer Gynt, and references to his Piano Concerto. Justin Dello Joio’s music can also be heard on BRIDGE 9220, performed by Garrick Ohlsson, Ani Kavafian, Jeremy Denk and Carter Brey

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A Chamber Opera in One ActNils Harald Sødal; Njål Sparbo

Marianne Andersen, Torben Grue

The Norwegian Wind Ensemble

Kenneth Jean, conductor