Louis Karchin: To the Sun and Stars


This album presents vocal works by New York’s Louis Karchin. Of the disc, critic Robert Carl writes: “Karchin is a quintessentially American composer. When one listens to the bold opening gestures of such works as American Visions and Gods of Winter, one hears a spirit that loves space, great open sounds and the drama of contrasts between large and small, vast and intimate. This is a spirit unafraid to combine clear and simple sounds evocative of the past with those that emerge from contemporary complexity.” The superb American baritone, Thomas Meglioranza leads a cast of singers, ensembles and orchestra, conducted by the composer.

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American Visions

Thomas Meglioranza, baritone

Orchestra of the League of Composers

Louis Karchin, conductor

To the Sun

Mary Mackenzie, soprano

Eric Sedgwick, piano

To the Stars


The Gods of Winter

Thomas Meglioranza, baritone

Da Capo Chamber Players

Louis Karchin, conductor

"A Way Separate..."

Sharon Harms, soprano

Da Capo Chamber Players