Tod Machover: VALIS


“As with any nifty work of art based on writings by Dick, the first emotion that comes to my mind when listing to VALIS is regret. Dick only lived long to see the faintest glimmers of how his career would take off like the proverbial rocket, and VALIS the opera didn’t arrive until 5 years after Dick’s death (he died in 1982). Of course all those years in the wilderness of drugs, obscurity, and revelations are now part of the Dickian mythology, and good portions of that confusion and bizarreness found their way into Dick’s wonderful novel VALIS. However great VALIS, I would still say that if you need to live through such a mess in order to create works of art, it’s not a fate I would wish on anyone.”

-Challenging Destiny review


Tod Machover

VALIS (1987)

An opera on the novel by Philip K. Dick

Original English-language cast
conducted by the composer

features Patrick Mason, baritone