Charles Wuorinen, Vol. 3

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Charles Wuorinen, Vol. 3 <br> BRIDGE 9490
Charles Wuorinen has always been comfortable in a range of genres, embracing the traditional forms of opera, symphony, or string quartet as readily as he accepts the challenge of composing for the unusual combinations which have become a second norm since Pierrot Lunaire. Nor has any particular focus dominated any period of Wuorinen's nearly sixty-year career: his eight symphonies span more than fifty years, his piano concertos forty. He has written everything from piano bagatelles to ballets, a Mass setting, eight symphonies, and three operas. This new album features the latest and most traditionally structured of Wuorinen’s four piano sonatas, performed by virtuoso pianist, Anne-Marie McDermott, as well as two vocal works setting poetry by two of America's greatest modern poets, John Ashbery and James Tate.

Charles Wuorinen:
Alphabetical Ashbery (2013),
loadbang: Carlos Cordeiro, bass clarinet/clarinet, Jeffrey Gavett, baritone, Andy Kozar, trumpet, William Lang, trombone

Fourth Piano Sonata (2007)
Anne-Marie McDermott, piano

It Happens Like This (2010) (Cantata for Four Singers and Twelve Players on Poems of James Tate)
Sharon Harms, soprano, Laura Mercado-Wright, alto, Steven Brennfleck, tenor, Douglas Williams, bass, The Group for Contemporary Music, Charles Wuorinen, conductor