Alberto Ginastera
Orchestral Works

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Born in Buenos Aires in 1916, Alberto Ginastera lived to become unquestionably the most significant figure in Argentine music in the 20th Century. This CD combines Ginastera’s deep interest in the authentic folk music of his country alongside the more radical compositional techniques which gave his music such individual personality. Commissioned in 1941 for Lincoln Kirstein’s Ballet Caravan, the 1943 Suite made from Estancia became the piece that launched Ginastera’s international fame–the spectacular Danza Final is perhaps Ginastera’s most celebrated essay in the style of the Malambo–an exhilarating explosion of kinetic energy. Also in 1943, Ginastera composed his Overture to the Creole Faust, and it is, in a way an appendix to the Estancia dances, since it again deals with the life of the gauchos. Ollantay is nearly a symphony. Composed in 1947 for Erich Kleiber, the three movement work takes its inspiration from a poem from the early Incan period. Pampeana No. 3 is even closer to the symphony that Ginastera never wrote. Pampeana No.3 , like Ollantay, is also in three movements. The title recalls rhythms and melodies of the Argentine pampas, and the second movement contains one of the most extraordinary rhythmic tours-de-force in all of Ginastera’s output. The Odense Symphony Orchestra continues their new series on Bridge with this outstanding recording. 

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Alberto Ginastera

Estancia Suite
Overture to the Creole Faust
Pampeana No. 3

Odense Symphony Orchestra
Jan Wagner, conductor