David Starobin, guitar
A Song from the East

$ 14.99

"Three remarkable pieces of music, all of it played with spirit, as is the whole CD. If you buy only one guitar disc in your life, make it this one!"

- HighPerformanceReview



High Performance Review

Option Magazine

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Marek Sokolovsky: Etude in D major
Aleksandr Nemerovsky: Etude in A minor
Rezső Sugár: Hungarian Children's Songs
Aleksandr Ivanov-Kramskoi: I am Sitting on a Rock, Lullaby
György Kurtág: A kis csáva (guitar, piccolo, bass trombone)
Sándor Jemnitz: Trio (guitar, violin, viola)
Fernando Sor: Souvenir de Russie

David Starobin, guitar
Benjamin Hudson, violin
Kim Kashkashian, viola
Oren Fader, guitar
Susan Palma Nidel, piccolo
David Taylor, bass trombone


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