1. Paul Lansky: Semi-Suite

    Paul Lansky, the computer music guru from Princeton University, has composed a suite of solo guitar dances. The six movements are Putative-Prelude; Aimless Air; Crooked Courante; Shameless Sarabande; Awkward Allemande; and Partly Pavane. “Semi-Suite” was composed for classical guitar, but...
  2. Paul Lansky
    Conversation Pieces
    BRIDGE 9083

    Village Voice review Order from Amazon.com Order from Arkivmusic.com Order from iTunes Order from H&B Direct by calling 1-800-222-6872 PDF Booklet For the Moment Chords Now That You Mention It Same Scene, Nine Years Later Andalusia Shadows Paul Lansky, keyboards...
  3. Paul Lansky: Ride
    BRIDGE 9103

    New York Times: Best of Year, 2001Another brilliant disc of computer music from Paul Lansky, who writes: "I look forward to the day when nobody cares whether or not a computer was used in the process of making a piece.If...
  4. Paul Lansky
    Folk Images
    BRIDGE 9060

    Reviews: Fanfare Order from Amazon.com Order from Arkivmusic.com Order from iTunes Order from H&B Direct by calling 1-800-222-6872 PDF BookletPaul Lansky, composer Folk song settings for instruments and computer.   BRIDGE 9060 Related discs: 9454, 9447, 9435, 9405, 9366, 9222, 9210, 9126, 9103, 9083, 9076, 9050, 9035
  5. Paul Lansky: Etudes and Parodies

    Paul Lansky's "Etudes and Parodies" is a new piece for horn trio (Violin, French Horn, and Piano) lasting 24 minutes. It is conceived as a set of seven etudes, with each movement highlighting a different aspect of the French Horn....
  6. Paul Lansky: Alphabet Book
    BRIDGE 9126

    Pitchfork Media review Featuring artwork and animations by Grady Klein Paul Lansky's latest Bridge release is a suite of ten brand new pieces. Lansky writes: "The inspiration came from the TV show, Sesame Street, where the celebration of letters and...
  7. Paul Lansky: Homebrew
    BRIDGE 9035

    Cover painting by P. Craig RussellThis CD includes Lansky's wonderful "Table's Clear"- a piece made when the composer and his two young sons "took our kitchen apart, recording the sounds of everything they could find which would make noise." The...
  8. My Cinema for the Ears
    BRIDGE 9117

    My Cinema for the Ears is a 59 minute film by Uli Aumüller. An impressionistic, wryly humorous look at nature and the creative process, the film features two composers, Francis Dhomont and Paul Lansky – and follows their search for...
  9. Paul Lansky: More Than Idle Chatter
    BRIDGE 9050

    Cover painting by P. Craig RussellLansky's classic chatter disc! The composer writes: "The six pieces on this disc all play with the music in speech. Some are content to chew on the garrulous sounds of people chattering away, while others,...

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